02 December 2010

Chocolate Balls

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Chocolate Balls

400 g Leftover cake crumb
250 g Cooking chocolate (A) – melted with cooking oil
300 g Cooking oil
40 g Chocolate rice
80 g Cooking chocolate (B) – melted with melted butter
35 g Butter (melted)

1.       Break up the cake crumbs.
2.       Add melted chocolate (A) to the cake crumbs. Continue to mix using the whisk until dough is form.
3.       Squeeze out the excess oil.
4.       Shape it into thumb-sized chocolate ball.
5.       Put the chocolate ball into chocolate (B) and place in small paper cups.
6.       Scatter chocolate rice over the coated chocolate ball and chill quickly.

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Silver Spoon said...

untuk lebih sedap, perlu guna chocolate masakan jenama Tulip atau yang setanding dengannya.